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Shkarko Tolbarin
USA, ofroj vend pune Laundry Worker
USA, ofroj vend pune Laundry Worker
USA, ofroj vend pune Laundry Worker
Employment opportunity introduced by ANDE-LM Agency Ltd. in Tirana-Albania for 300 vacancies opened all over USA.
  • The company is interested in recruiting 300 international students - gentlemen and ladies with URGENCY!
Albanian students will get a special treatment -
as a new nationality opening!!!

By June - September 2008, the vacancies will be occupied.
  • The international offices and partners of ANDE-LM Agency offer full assistance for interested candidates in documentation, preparation of files and follow-up support.
Salary: 7,75 USD/hour minimum
Overtime: Yes - will be paid 11,62 USD/hour
Days per week: 5
Hours: 35+

Accommodation: The rent is FREE if students work until 13 of September 2008.
If they work past 13 of September 2008 they will be NOT charged any rent. The company does NOT charge any rent until the students receive their first pay check from the company.

The rent is 75 USD/week and the entire amount is refundable with NO deductions on September 13, 2008.
So, at the end, students may get a bonus check of 750 USD for 10 weeks of work, despite the salary incomes.

The student dormitories and facilities are located few blocks away from the Atlantic Ocean beach and other famous beaches.
During work you may admire the most wonderful beaches of USA in New Jersey, Florida, etc.

Profiles: students will be required to participate in summer work services as part of teams serving in Hospitality facilities.
The job opportunities do include vacancies as waiters, salesmen, saleswomen, laundry, golf referee, gardener, cooker, lifeguard for pools, parking referee, fast food operator, etc etc.

Interested applicants must submit their CV and request in English until MAY 23, 2008.

The only requirements are:

- Excellent/communicative English;
- Clearance in traveling abroad documents and availability;
- Maximum of 18-28 years old;
- Some work experience would be appreciated;
- Good school records;
- Willingness and determination;
- Integrity in work environments;
  • Please contact ANDE-LM Agency Ltd. with URGENCY for submitting your request and CV in English at
Thank you!

Waiting to hear from you!


Rruga e Kavajes 116
GURTEN Business Center
Office 141-143, TIRANA, ALBANIA
Phone, +355/4/229 724
Fax, +355/4/259564
P.O. Box 8284

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Emri juaj
Kodi Juaj
Fusni Kodin
15-05-2008, 12:00 am
Interesimi: 4266
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